Hotel Emei

Dupleška cesta 135

2000 Maribor


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We invite you to read a few words about our hotel:

Hotel Vila Emei is located at the point of the old river bank, which channel has moved Millennium and the application of this river area clean all geo negative impacts. In short, the hotel is an energy positive point, because it demonstrates the quality of sleep in this hotel.

In the lower floor of the hotel we also have a hall, which was built according to the rules of bio-energy. Tla, ceiling and supporting pillars are interconnected in all four corners of the sky, and each form of energy cage.

Hotel Vila Emei
In our Energy Hall performed bioenergy therapy according to various methods.

The owner of the hotel with a team of therapists are trained to iskoriščajo natural resources and learned skills to implement BIO-therapy in various ways to address various health problems.

Hotel Vila Emei is located in Brezje, in a quiet part of town, with a splendid view of Pohorje, on the one hand and start Slovenian vineyards and wine growing hills on the other side.

We are at the intersection of hiking trails, wine roads and crossroads of Eastern, Western and Southern Europe.

Hotel vila Emei
We are a slovene collective who is trying our best to provide an excellent accommodation for our guests. The biggest award for us is that our guests feel truly comfortable and satisfied with our services.

Our neighborhood is green and surrounded by little hills and nature.